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PeopleSoft Technology helps in delivering end-to-end services to client organisations across domains such as HRM, supply chain management, Financials, SCM, EPM, etc. The end-to-end services include implementation, up gradation, rollouts and maintenance of services.

PeopleSoft is used by thousands of organizations around the globe across all industries with a strong presence in service-based industries like Health Care, Education and Research, Public Sector, Financial Services, and Professional Services. It consists of applications that can address your needs for:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM): HR, payroll, self-service, benefits, time and attendance, talent management, and more
  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERP): financials, procurement, projects, and more

PeopleSoft applications are enabled by a powerful technology foundation in PeopleTools that delivers extensibility and common capabilities like reporting, workflow, search, integration, and security.

Course Content


  • PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
  • PeopleSoft Database Architecture
  • PeopleSoft Portal Architecture.


  • Application Designer
  • Application Engine
  • Work Flow
  • Approval Workflow Engine


  • People Soft Query
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQR
  • BI Publisher/XML Publisher


  • Security, Definition Security
  • Portal Security
  • Data Mover


  • Component Interface
  • File Layout
  • Integration Broker


  • SQR Reports, SQR process
  • Interfaces, SQC’S
  • Error Handling, Testing & Debugging
  • Performance Tuning


  • Events Types, Built in Functions
  • People Code Language
  • People Code, Application Process
  • Debugging & Performance Tuning
  • People Code Classes


  • Create the process definitions
  • Run the processes through Process Scheduler
  • Process Monitor


  • Viewing the report outputs
  • Access to the report manage


Course Details:

Duration : 45-50 hours(Daily 1hr to 1 hr 30 minutes)
System Access: 5 months
Session Timings: As per participant convenience
Payment Options: Online


About Trainer:

Best peoplesoft Online training trainers are passionate and focused in quality and accuracy for delivering the best services for our clients. Our trainers are from top MNCs and carry years of experience. The training methodology is not just walking through people with PPTs, rather it is way to share experienced they gain over many years.

top 20 peoplesoft HRMS interview questions and answers for freshers, experienced

What is regulatory region?
A regulatory region is a region which has laws and regulations that are used by functionality in PeopleSoft HRMS…..
What are checklists?
Checklist is a handout type of a utility for the user that can be referenced to ensure that all the tasks the user has to accomplish are done and noted…….
Different kinds of organizational relationships in HRMS
Different organization relationships a person can have are: Employee, Contingent worker or Person of Interest as per the person model…..
Different steps in workforce administration in hiring
To hire a new employee in workforce admin the HR admin does the following steps:……
Concept of effective date and its advantages
Effective date concept is used in multiple core tables in PS HRMS. For example in job this is a primary key…….
What are Global assignments?
Global assignments enables the organization to assign employees to a global assignment and to monitor, compensate and track education…….
Access an HCM component
Values like business unit, company, country get defaulted by virtue of the user’s primary permission list………
Use the concept of effective sequence
Effective sequence concept is used in some key tables like Job. Job table has high volume of employee transaction data…….
HR business transactions
A termination action can be followed by a data change action row or a rehire row. DTA action row would be added if some correction needs to happen……
More than one employee instances
In which situation will an employee need to have more than one employee instances with an organization? Explain with an example…..
Options in People Soft to setup the hierarchy
If the organization is not fit to be position driven, then the other options available are:………..
Purpose of EMPLOYEES table in PS
EMPLOYEES table is a current employee information table. This is primarily used in interfacing with third party systems…….
Purpose of personal data refresh process
Personal data refresh process is used to populate the PERSONAL_DATA table. Post 8.8 version, this table has become a main reporting table…..
How is standard hour and FTE auto calculated?
Standard hour is defined in multiple ways in the system. Under Setup HRMS – Installation table in HRMS options, there is a standard hour rule setup……..
Different options of determining reporting hierarchy in PS
To determine the reporting hierarchy for an employee in PS the delivered options are as follows:…………
What is job family?
What is job family? How is it different from job codes in PS?…….
How is Geographic location code different from locations?
Location is the core table which is used to define all the office locations of the organization………..
Permission list
When a user logs in PS the system scans through the user profile to see the associated primary permission list….
In which scenarios can a person hold multiple jobs?
A person can have multiple jobs when: i) More than one active contingent worker or employment instance exists………
How is Last Hire Date different than the Hire Date?
Last hire date is the date a person is hired or rehired in the organization. Hire date is the date associated with a hire action job row……
Person model
In person model, when first time a person is added in the system, some of the key table like NAMES, ADDRESSES, PERS_DATA_EFFDT……..

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